Edu Cobo Photography has partnered with some incredible companies to bring you amazing offers. Take the stress out of your event and leave the hard work to us.

Food Packages

There is nothing we love more than bringing a group of friends together and feeding them with amazing food. This is how we show love.

Paella Style helps you to create extraordinary weddings, corporate events and social gatherings. Paella Style offers authentic Spanish Paella, Tapas and Churros at a high quality with a strong emphasis on personalised customer service. Their flavours will take you directly to Spain. 

So grazing good creates amazing grazing boards and boxes to feed your soul. Bring an editable piece of art to your special day. From savory to sweet treats that can be set up anywhere in your home, workplace or event space. Providing an unique display of a combination of the finest quality of homemade with fresh local, seasonal and imported cold meats and cheeses.

Spanish Package

  • Spanish Grazing board
  • 2 Spanish Tapas
  • Chicken-Chorizo Paella
  • Churros with chocolate Sauce

Popular Package

  • Grazing Selection
  • Chicken-Chorizo Paella
  • Optional dessert combination of Sweet Grazing and churros
Spanish Croquettes
Paella Serves
Cooking Paella
Churros with Chocolate Sauce
Chicken Chorizo Paella
Tapas Meatballs


Make your occasion full of flavour

When booking along with So Grazing Good or Paella Style you will get a 10% off on any of my services.

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