Why You Should Involve Your Pets in Family Portraits?

Pets are a big part of our family. They are one of the many reasons we smile and hold a special place in our hearts. Just think about all those trips you went on without your pet. Do you think something is missing? That’s because your pet is a massive part of your daily life.

If you’re considering getting a family photo shoot, why not take your pet with you?

Pet family photos are one of the best ways to make your family photoshoot more fun and memorable. You can have family and pet pictures or just a stand-alone pet photo shoot for your beloved companion.

Here are some reasons if you’re still wondering why you should bring your pet during your family photo shoot.

cobo photography perth wa family
cobo photography perth wa family

Part Of The Family

A family portrait will only be complete with family pet photos. Your pet is also a family member, and they are part of your everyday life! No matter how many pets, kids, or members you have in the family, everyone deserves to be part of the family portrait.

Make You Smile Naturally

Your pet automatically makes you smile. Yes, pets can sometimes be too chaotic, but you love them anyway. Whenever they do something, whether it’s a silly thing or not, you can’t help but smile, right? This is why bringing your pet to your photo shoot can naturally make you smile, which makes up for great family portraits!

Lighten The Mood

Whether it’s your first time or not, being in front of the camera can make you feel nervous or awkward. Including your pet in your family photo shoot can easily make the nervousness go away. Pets can effortlessly lighten the mood wherever they go.

Something To Remember Them

Like humans, sadly, pets come and go. Photos last forever, and involving your pets in your family pictures will help you have something to remember them even as years go by. 

Give A Unique Touch

Family portraits with your pets can give a unique touch to your pictures. It can show guests and visitors how you treasure each family member, including your pets. This can set a good example and show everyone the bond within your family.

Help With Posing

Believe it or not but your pet can help you with your poses. Many people struggle with their poses during family pictures; most don’t know what to do with their hands or are too awkward to look at the camera. Bringing your pet can help you have something to do with your hands. You can quickly put your hands around your dog’s neck or hold on to their leash as you pose in front of the camera. Here are some poses you can do with your pet.

Create Spontaneous Moments

Pets are unpredictable, but that’s what makes them fun and unique. Your pets can easily make your pictures more memorable with their spontaneity. These unexpected moments can also capture the most genuine smiles on your face, which makes the perfect candid shots.

Fun To Be With

Some family members are only sometimes open to being in front of the camera, especially the kids. But when you bring your pet along, kids can easily forget their shyness and pose in front of the camera with ease (as long as they have their furry pet beside them!)
Your pets are not just animals. They are a big part of your life. They have watched your family get bigger as time goes by. Plus, they remind you of all the years you spent together as a family. If you want to get the best family portraits with your pets, contact us at Cobo Photography. We also have studio pet photography services if you want your pets to have solo pictures.

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