Sunset Sessions: Creating the Most of Golden and Glowing Hour

Who doesn’t love the beauty of sunsets? When you see the sun setting, do you also stop walking or whatever you are doing and just take in the breathtaking scenery in front of you?

Every day, the sun will set and give us the most beautiful art that can only be captured and recorded with our cameras. So, why not take this chance and use this precious golden hour to your advantage? And yes, we’re talking about having your photo shoot done during the golden hour.

Here are some photography tips for portraits done during the golden hour.

When Is Golden Hour?

For photographers, the golden hour refers to the last hour before the sun sets and the first hour after sunrise. This is the perfect time to capture stunning photos.

It’s perfect for anyone who wants to capture dramatic scenery or bask in the natural light of the sun while taking the most breathtaking sunrise or sunset photos.

Things To Consider During Sunset Photography

Know When The Sun Would Set

If you are planning to have a photoshoot during sunset, it’s best to know what time the sunset is. This will help you arrive on time and capture the most of the golden hour without wasting any chance.

We suggest checking your clock earlier and knowing when the sun will set so you can talk to your photographer and schedule your appointment.

Check The Weather

You also need to remember to check the weather before you proceed with your sunset photoshoot.

If you think the weather is nice, make sure to contact your photographer so that you will proceed with your schedule.

Find The Perfect Location

You can view the sunset wherever you are. But that doesn’t mean you can just have your photoshoot anywhere you like to.

If you are having your photoshoot during the sunset, make sure to choose a location where you can get the most of the sun’s light or where you can fully view the sunset.

Most sunset sessions will look more dramatic and breathtaking when done on the beach, on an overlooking place, or a field.

Know Your Mood

Sunsets can greatly affect your mood, that’s true. But you can also let the sunset set the mood for your sunset photo session.

If you have a vision in mind, make sure to communicate it with your photographer so they know what angle will look best with the sunset that can set the mood you want your photos to have.

There are so many different moods you can set during a sunset session. You can either have dramatic photos with the sun setting behind you, romantic pictures where your silhouette is the only thing visible along with the sunset, or joyful images with you and your partner basking in the sun’s natural light.

The Benefits Of Sunset Photoshoot 

Anyone Can View The Sunset For Free

The sun will set every day. You don’t have to spend money or go to a far location just to have your sunset photo shoot. As long as the weather is fine, you can have the most beautiful sunset photos you can ever imagine.

Sunsets Have Vibrant Colors

The main reason why photographers love to photograph during the golden hour is that a sunset provides the most natural and vibrant colours.

You don’t have to include a lot of editing or props just to make a photo look colourful or vibrant because the colours from the sunset are enough to give life and scenery to your photos.

Sunsets Produce Natural and Amazing Art

Nature has its way of creating art – and one of them is the breathtaking view of the sunset.

When you are doing a sunset photoshoot, you don’t have to do anything just to make your picture look dramatic or aesthetic because the sunset alone is natural art that can give any photo a stunning look.

It doesn’t matter what kind of photoshoot you want to have because a sunset session can give any occasion the right art and beauty. If you are looking for a professional photography studio that can capture you during the golden hour, get in touch with us at Cobo Photography and let’s capture the most wonderful moment together. 

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